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Lionell is a seasoned professional who has worked in the tech industry for over ten years, gaining valuable skills in growth marketing, social media algorithms, and machine learning principles. Drawing from his experience at Meta and technical knowledge, Lionell Co-Founded Inflect Digital, a business that caters to Black and more BIPOC-owned businesses, earning him the distinction of the number one growth marketing agency for the culture.


Lionell is known for his enthusiastic approach and unwavering confidence in his work, which has made him a trusted partner for many of the leading Black Women-owned companies in the U.S. His efforts have led to significant success for his clients, with one of them recently raising a $35 million series B round.


With Lionell's dedication and expertise, he continues to make a significant impact in the industry, serving as a beacon of inspiration for young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.


They say that some people are born problem solvers, and this couldn't be truer for the individual in question. Although Anuroop, didn't recognize it at the time, his natural tendencies towards analytical thinking, creativity, insightfulness, and resourcefulness came to the forefront when he entered the business world.

With an insatiable curiosity and a drive for intellectual challenges, Anuroop has always been drawn towards finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Rather than getting bogged down in details, he prefer to dig deep and uncover the underlying goals and issues that need to be addressed.

What sets Anuroop apart is his cross-functional mindset, which allows him to draw inspiration and insights from a wide range of sources, from business strategy to pop culture. Anuroop's diverse perspective enables him to apply fresh thinking and innovative strategies to a variety of challenges, with impressive results.